Amplespot Help Center

Access Points

Explains how to manage your WiFi Access Points with Amplespot.

7 articles

API Reference

Amplespot API Documentation

21 articles

Account and Subscription

Explains how to manage Subscription, User Permissions and other core settings.

5 articles

Analytics Reports

Explains how to understand the Analytics Reports.

3 articles

App Integrations

Connecting Amplespot to other Apps such as Facebook Advers, MailChimp and Google Ads

3 articles

Captive Portals

What are the Captive Portals and how to use them

4 articles

Compatible Hardware

Find out what equipment is supported to work with Amplepsot.

1 article


Explains what are the Coupons and how to use them.

2 articles

Data Protection Basics

Explains how Amplespot protects your data an complies with local regulations.

1 article

Firmware Installation

Installing Amplespot firmware to routers and WiFi access points.

19 articles

Hardware Integrations

Manuals on how to setup Amplespot to work with other hardware vendors.

12 articles


Brief into into Amplespot.

4 articles

Known Issues and Solutions

Lists known issues and their solutions.

3 articles


Explains how to use Messages/CRM module of Amplespot.

3 articles


Explains what are the Networks and how to use them at Amplespot.

5 articles


Information for Amplespot Partners (but not only)

2 articles

Session Profiles

Explains what are the session profiles and how to use them.

2 articles

Splash Pages

Explains how to create login and other Splash pages and how to use them.

5 articles


Explains what are the Zones and how to use them at Amplespot.

3 articles