Connecting Access Points to Zones

Explains how to connect your access point to a Zone and ho to manage its settings.

When you sign up to use Amplespot we automatically create two Zones for you to use. One Captive Portal Zone and one Non-Captive Portal zone. Both Zones are created as "Default" meaning that all Access Points you will add to your Amplespot account will be automatically connected to both of these Zones.

Connecting Access Points to Zones

To connect an Access Point to one of your Zones, go to the Settings page of that Zone and find your Access Point in Available Access Points section. Select the WiFi Radios of the Access Point you want to connect to this Zone (normally all) and click Apply Changes. The Access Point will promptly apply your changes and restart. This process might take 1-3 minutes.

Connecting Access Point's Ethernet Ports to a Zone

Some of the models of the Access Points may have only WiFi interfaces while others might have ethernet interfaces too. We will not automatically connect the ethernet interfaces to any other Zones. But you can do this manually by going into: 

Zones → Settings → Connected Access Points, clicking on the checkbox next to Ethernet port name and Applying Changes

You can connect Access Point ethernet port to one Zone only.