Cambium Networks

This guide shows how to configure a Cambium Networks access points in order to use it as External Splash Page provider with Amplespot.

This integration has been tested with the following devices but shall work with any cnPilot device.

  • cnPilot E400
  • cnPilot e600

This guide presumes that you already have knowledge and experience working with Cambium equipment.

Important note:

For all RADIUS and Captive Portal, configuration settings visit RADIUS SETTINGS CONFIGURATION PAGE

1. Note MAC addresses of your Access Points

Note the MAC address(es) of your access points together with the names you might have assigned. 

You can find the MAC addresses of your access points by logging in to  access point dashboard:

Or if you are using cnMaestro, you can look up MAC addresses by going to Inventory page:

2. Add your Cambium access points to Amplespot Admin Portal

Head to your Amplespot Admin Dashboard and, if you haven't done so already, create Zone(s) where you want to add your access points. Or you can use the default (automatically created) Zone and change your settings later.

Select Access Points in the left-hand menu and then click on Add new Unmanaged Access Point

Select the access point Make & Setup Type (Cambium) and Model, enter MAC Address, Name, select the Country where access point is located and the Captive Portal Zone where you would like to add this Access Point. You will be able to add other Zones later.

Complete the form with following settings:

Make & Setup Type:

<select model of your access point or choose -other->

MAC Address:
The MAC address of your access point

Select the name of the country where this access point is or will be located

Captive Portal Zone:
Select the captive portal Zone where you want to place this access point. You will be able to add the access point to other Zones later.

Click Add Access Point to add it to Amplespot Admin Dashboard

Repeat this step for all your access points. Contact Amplespot support if you need help importing a large number of access points.

2. Create a new guest network on Cambium (or edit an existing one)

If you are using cnMaestro, select Configuration in the main menu and then click on WLANs and AP Groups.

Create new or click to edit your existing guest network:

If you are using cnPilot, select Configure and then WLAN in the main menu and then click Add WLAN button.

Set VLAN ID to what your network architecture requires or to "1" if you are not using the VLANs.

3. Configure basic network settings

Create VLAN with following settings and make sure that the name of SSID on Cambium exactly matches SSID of the Network as it is set in Amplepsot Admin Portal.

4. Configure RADIUS settings

On the Radius Server tab, set the following:

To get your RADIUS configuration settings please follow this documentation article.

Authentication Servers:

Host: [see doc]
Secret: [see doc]
Port: 1812
Realm: -Leave Blank-
Timeout: 5 seconds
Attempts: 3

Accounting Servers:

Host: -same as auth server-
Secret: -same as auth server-
Port: 1813
Timeout: 5
Attempts: 3
Accounting Mode: Start-Interim-Stop
Accounting Packet: Enable Accounting-On messages
Server Pool Mode: Load Balance
NAS Identifier: Leave blank or put anything
Interim Update Interval: 300

5. Configure Guest Access

On the  Guest Access tab, tick the checkbox next to Enable and set the following:

Portal Mode: External Hotsport
Access Policy: Radius
Redirect Mode: HTTP
WISPr Clients External Server Login: Tick
External Page URL:
External Portal Type: Standard
Success Action: Redirect user to Original URL
Prefix Query Strings in Redirect URL: Tick
Redirection URL Query String: Tick - Client IP
MAC Authentication Fallback: Tick

Click  Save to save your change

You will now enable guest WiFi users to access certain external URLs before they are authenticated. This is necessary so users can reach Amplespot-hosted sign-in pages as well as pages of third-party social login provides (such as Facebook or Google) you may want to use.

Please open the Walled Gardens page to get the URLs you will need to Whitelist. You must add all URLs listed in Amplespot Required on that page section and can add any other URLs of your choice (such as social sign-in URLs or your company website URL).

6. Configure MAC Authentication

On the  Access tab, scroll down to the MAC Authentication section and set the following:

MAC Authentication Policy: RADIUS
Delimiter -
Password: Ticked

Click  Save and Sync your changes to the access points if you are using cnMaestro.

You have now completed setting up your Cambium guest WiFi network to work with Amplespot. Connect to it to test your settings!